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Hand Pallet Wrap | Packaging Supplies Black Hand Pallet Wrap (Stretch Film) 400mm x 200m 17mu ext core (1 box / 6 rolls) Hand Pallet Wrap (Stretch Film) Clear 500mm x 200m 23mu (1 Box / 6 Rolls)
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Hand Pallet Wrap (Stretch film)
Extended core for easy grip.
6 rolls per box
price per box
Ideal for wrapping securing products on a pallet.
Ensures your product is not visable while in transit.
Extended core for easy grip.
6 Rolls per box.
Price per box.
Ideal for securing goods on pallet.
Flush / Standard core.
6 Rolles per box.
Price per box.
Black Hand Pallet Wrap (Stretch Film) 500mm x 200m 20mu (1 box / 6 rolls) Standard Machine Pallet Wrap (Stretch Film) 500mm 23mu (1 pallet / 46 rolls) Filma FP10 Pallet Wrap Machine
Ideal for securing goods on pallet.
Ensures your goods are not visable while in transport.
6 rolls per box.
Price per box

100% Stretch 23mu film.
16kg per roll / 46 rolls per pallet / 736kg per pallet.
Price per pallet.
diameter rotary table: 1500 mm
  • Platform rotation speed: 10 rpm / min
  • max. platform: 1500 kg
  • size max. pallet: 1200 x 1200 x 2000/2450 mm
  • max. film reel used: 500 mm
  • max. film reel: 300 mm
  • transmission film carriage through belt
  • mechanical clutch for adjusting the tension of the film
  • Microprocessor control panel with digital buttons with three wrapping programs
  • wrapping cycle up + down
  • wrapping cycle in ascent only
  • wrapping cycle in manual
  • separate programming number of revolutions lower and higher
  • reset button for the repositioning of the trolley, and the rotary table
  • photocell for automatic reading of the height of the load to be wrapped
  • column hinged to the base for rapid assembly
  • preparation for moving the machine
  • installed power: 0.4 kw
  • standard voltage: 380 v - 50 Hz - 3-phase
  • Machine weight: 360 kh
  • special version fp / 10 with ultra-series:
  • inverter for starting, stopping in position and speed control rotary table