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Fill-Air Cyclone® FasFil® EZ™ Void Fill System Pistol Grip Tape Gun 2"
Pistol Grip Tape Gun 2"
Our Price: €6.50 (8.00 inc VAT)
  • Air bag void fill system - ideal replacement to loose fill & other bulky space consuming void fill options.
  • Saves Warehouse Space - Compact footprint is ideal for tabletop placement at a pack station
  • Easy to Use - The system is ready to use straight from the carton - simply plug in and load the film to begin. No shop air is required!
  • Versatile - Use on demand in decentralized tabletop environments or online for increased efficiency
  • Responsible Packaging - Material inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space needed to ship conventional packaging materials and reducing the transportation impact.
  • Film Offering - Available in four widths with the option of two film lengths, creating eight possible cushion sizes
  • Paper Void fill system - ideal replacement to loosefil & alternative to airbags for void fill
  • Paper Offerings - FasFil® EZ™ now offers a choice of roll stock and fanfold paper configurations
  • Easy to Use - Dispense the paper in a programmed length or a continuous length and the built-in cutting mechanism allows for easy release of paper
  • Easy to Set Up - Mount the system on a floor stand or on a table and adjust the system to the height desired
  • Responsible Packaging - FasFil® EZ™ material is made from 100% recycled paper, and the lofted, crimped design minimizes waste by reducing the amount of packaging material needed
  • General Purpose Tape Dispenser for 2" Tapes (48mm or 50mm Tapes)
    Price per gun / dispenser.
    Smipack SL55 Shrink Wrap Machine Filma FP10 Pallet Wrap Machine
  • Sealing and shrinking in one operation
  • PTFE-coated sealing blade
  • Height adjustment of the internal packaging plate
  • Mobile product-holding plate, loose from the film reel support to allow a better adjustment of the film to the pack size
  • Hood hold-down electromagnet
  • Automatic hood release
  • Air cooling of the machine frame
  • Alphanumeric LCD control panel equipped with 6 storable work programs and a 16-bit microprocessor card, that allows a simple and precise control of all the machine operations, such as:
    • machine status
    • number of packs produced by an electronic pack counter
    • adjustment of the sealing temperature
    • adjustment of the shrinking time
    • adjustment of the shrinking chamber temperature
    • adjustment of the shrinking delay
    • adjustment of the hood opening delay
    • troubleshooting
  • Long-lasting solid state relays providing easier maintenance
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Compliance with CE regulation
  • Technical data - SL 55
    Power supply *220 - 240 V
    1PH - N - PE
    50/60 Hz
    Installed power3700 W
    Sealing bar560 x 430 mm
    Maximum pack height260 mm
    Average output per hourup to 300 pph **
    Maximum size of film reel600 - ø 250 mm
    Machine size with supports1260 x 805 h 1100 mm
    Machine size with stand1240 x 805 h 1102 mm
    Machine / supports / stand, net weight77 / 11 / 18 Kg
    Usable Films: Pvc, Polyolefinsup to 30 µ

    (**) the stated speed can change according to the product size and the pack collation.
  • diameter rotary table: 1500 mm
  • Platform rotation speed: 10 rpm / min
  • max. platform: 1500 kg
  • size max. pallet: 1200 x 1200 x 2000/2450 mm
  • max. film reel used: 500 mm
  • max. film reel: 300 mm
  • transmission film carriage through belt
  • mechanical clutch for adjusting the tension of the film
  • Microprocessor control panel with digital buttons with three wrapping programs
  • wrapping cycle up + down
  • wrapping cycle in ascent only
  • wrapping cycle in manual
  • separate programming number of revolutions lower and higher
  • reset button for the repositioning of the trolley, and the rotary table
  • photocell for automatic reading of the height of the load to be wrapped
  • column hinged to the base for rapid assembly
  • preparation for moving the machine
  • installed power: 0.4 kw
  • standard voltage: 380 v - 50 Hz - 3-phase
  • Machine weight: 360 kh
  • special version fp / 10 with ultra-series:
  • inverter for starting, stopping in position and speed control rotary table